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celtic coloring books adults

Celtic Coloring Books – Adults

Celtic Coloring Books for Adults Hey, art lovers! Have you noticed the recent craze in coloring books made for adults? No, they’re not just for kids anymore! There’s quite a few of us adults that find coloring books quite relaxing…no worries about trying to draw it first, it’s already done […]

Pencil drawings of werewolf

Pencil Drawings of Werewolf

Drawing a Werewolf One of my favorite fantasy creatures are werewolves, so I thought I’d do some pencil drawings of a werewolf…or at least make an attempt at it. I’ve never tried drawing one before and it took a couple tries to get what I was aiming for… Werewolves have […]

pencil sketches drawings of a caribou

Pencil Sketches – Drawings

Pencil Sketches & Drawings – Just for Fun …and, more importantly, Practice! Yes, practice…it does make a difference in your drawings. The more you draw, the better you get at it. So, if you want to become a better artist then… practice! and even if you’re not too bad at […]

purple cartoon digital dog


Welcome to Sherry B’s Painting Gallery! Click images to enlarge. Hope you enjoy… I’ll be adding more soon! If you’d like to see something specifically done here I’m open to suggestions… and, if you’d like to commission an original painting done to your specifications just let me know…hit the little […]

prismacolor 150 colored pencil set

Prismacolor 150 Colored Pencil Set – Premier

The Prismacolor 150 Colored Pencil Set – Premier Pencil Reviews Hey there fellow artists! Looking for a huge set of Prismacolor Premier Pencils? Or, maybe you’re just not sure if you want or need that many colored pencils? After all, how many different shades of the same colors does a […]

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets – Do They Make a Difference?

Does Using Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets Make A Difference? Have you ever wondered what is so special about Prismacolor?  After watching so many different artist’s videos of such realistic and lifelike colored pencil drawings, I started realizing I keep hearing the same thing…Prismacolor! It seems like everyone’s using these! […]

pencil drawings horses adding background 2

Pencil Drawings – Horses

Realistic Pencil Drawings of Horse Hey there, Just adding in a few images of the latest work in progress. I started out drawing it in pencil, which is the image shown below: Although for this sketch to show up here, I had to darken the outline a lot. Otherwise, you […]

Buffalo Head Drawings

Buffalo Head Drawings

Buffalo Head Drawings – A Work in Progress Recently, I started out drawing one of my hubby’s favorite animals…the buffalo. Well, at least it’s huge, furry head. Eventually, I’ll get around to drawing the whole animal. So, here it is…my first buffalo head drawing progress. Buffalo Head Drawings I’m currently […]

realistic oil painting of dark red rose

Realistic Artwork Gallery

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drawings of dragons twilight storm dragon

Fantasy Gallery

Realistic Fantasy Art…