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Sherry is a metal-music-loving, self-taught realistic artist born and raised in the Upper Michigan, or better known to the locals, the U.P. and still resides in the Marquette county of Michigan.

Cranking up the music in the cold, but beautiful U.P., Sherry enjoys painting in oil, drawing, and exploring the world of digital art, and mixed media.

The Beginning…

As a very young child, Sherry enjoyed drawing many things…especially animals, of which horses were her favorite. Captivated not only by their beauty and strength, Sherry was inspired by the free spirit of the horse. This free spirit inspired her artwork for many years to come and still does.

Growing up on an old farm, which consisted of a few horses, a couple of dogs, cats, and the occasional wildlife visiting from the surrounding forest gave Sherry the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures as they roamed about the fields. She would spend hours every day drawing and learning more about how to make her drawings look “real.”

Moving On…

As a teenager, Sherry took as many classes in art and photography as the school would allow. She also kept on drawing and began learning how to paint with oil on her own time. As a rather introverted and shy person, she found an escape from the real world by painting, drawing, listening to music, reading, and spending time with the animals.

Art in its various forms was what kept her going every day through the tough teen years along with her supportive family…although they didn’t enjoy the metal music so much…

& Further On…

After high school, Sherry began working in the health field, which was really the furthest thing she wanted to do…but, jobs were hard to come by at the time in the U.P. and still are…

Almost a year later, she met her husband of 20 years, and now has two beautiful children, a girl and a boy…. along with four furry kids- four dogs at the moment.

During this time the passion for art never died…

but, it was put on the back burner for many years as work and family took most of Sherry’s time. Occasionally, she’d get a chance to work on something, but that was few and far between.


After working for many years in the health field, Sherry realized something is missing in her life…that she had somehow lost herself in life’s journey. The things she once enjoyed doing she never had time for any more…

In 2008, one tiny newspaper ad for a free seminar sent her in the direction to freedom from being stuck in a job she didn’t find fulfilling. Although this wasn’t exactly the thing she was looking for, it opened her eyes to new possibilities….and, it ever so slowly opened a door to her dreams again…

After that door opened, it led to another for Sherry. She joined an online community for like-minded individuals…entrepreneurs, writers, marketers, artists, and people from all walks of life…all with the same goal of becoming free from the 9 to 5 rat race. Learning more every day, Sherry began building websites, writing, and reaching out to others.


Running her *two other websites, working a part-time job, and learning more about SEO and marketing, Sherry has been back to doing a lot more of what she loves, which is art…painting, drawing, and dabbling with various digital art programs.

One of the main goals Sherry wants to focus Dream Driven Art towards is helping others to realize their own dreams whether it be as an artist, writer, musician, or designer…

You get the picture, right?

Look for the beauty surrounding us in artwork, animals, nature, and our imagination…open your eyes and your mind to the possibilities of a better and happier life…it’s all up to you to see it to find it…it’s right there within you…

be the person you were born to be…

and never let go of what you love doing and who you truly are…

We only have one life to live and it’s not that long…so, live it on your terms. Don’t waste it away just going through the motions and wishing things were different

do something about it instead.

Are you someone that finds yourself doing things just to fit in with the crowd? Why?

…do the things you love doing,

Not what someone else tells you you should be doing…in the long run, it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks

…only you know what truly matters to you.

Take the time to enjoy life and the things you find beautiful

…look around and see the beauty which surrounds us all,

it’s never that far away…stop to smell the roses once in awhile, and be yourself…

Otherwise, happiness will always be around the next corner, but never now.



Need Artwork done?

If you’d like a drawing, illustration, or painting done for you…I’m for hire! Just let me know what you’d like done and I’ll get back to you so we can iron out the details…

Contact me at:  sherry@dreamdrivenart.com


Are you an artist or creative of some type or other?

Need help on how to get started with your own website?  Check out what I recommend at  Boss Free Opportunities

Yeah, that’s one of my other sites…so, check it out and if you have questions about how to get started on your own website let me know. I’d be happy to help you out and see you achieve your dreams too!

~Sherry B

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  1. Your artwork is awe inspiring and full of great warmth and life, just as you have done with your most loving and positive illustrations for my loving friend Sunday Erickson and Merry Berry Blue. Between you and Sunday, as well as Dr. Carl Welliver who I have now connected with, you guys did a great job with Sunday’s writings and I just wanted to connect with you and tell this to you.

    Keep up the good work and as I told Carl, I will tell you that I hope ? you and Carl continue the Merry Berry Blue legacy that Sunday had started to reach all people with disabilities and show them how to turn them into abilities with positive attitude and love ❤. Your artwork brought Sunday’s work to loving life!

    • Hi Seth,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words!
      It’s great to finally connect with you here, as I know you’ve been a true friend to Sunday, whom I’ll miss ever so much! Her words and writings will continue to inspire me to keep on going no matter what obstacles I may encounter.

      As for myself and Dr. Carl continuing on with the legacy of Merry Berry Blue that Sunday started, we’ll definitely be working on keeping it going for as long as we can. Book three is in the works as I write back to you here. I know Sunday would want her story to continue on to inspire those with disabilities to know that they too can reach their dreams.

      Sunday’s story is one that needs to be shared with others…anyone that thinks they can’t do something for whatever reason, needs to hear what she has to say. It’ll change their life as it’s changed mine, so I’m going to do what I can to spread that word to as many people as I can through my artwork.

      I’ve completed a few chapters into the third book of Sunday’s Merry Berry Blue series already, and hope to add some works in progress here very soon! Your comment here reminds me I need to post some of what I’ve been doing lately!

      Thank you again for reaching out, Seth! I look forward to hearing from you again sometime!
      Take care and ? to you too!

      Best wishes ~Sherry

  2. Ahhh Sherry finally got a face behind your posts. You are not a machine! lols!

    You got great work Sherry! Pursue your gift, it’s calling you to continue.

    No but I like “some” of your work. Flood it with more! imho! Love the color you sure
    know how to use colors, my eyes can tell.

    I can tell you love animals…good. I have 2 cats. My wife and I love dearly,
    except one hates me and the other y’know a male cat “squirts” on the sofa. Good
    thing he does it only on one place. Gonna need an animal psychiatrist for his
    problem. Won’t give up for my sofa’s sake. lols!



    Follow your passion, keep up the good work.

    • Hi Frank,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, so sorry I’m late in replying! Not sure how I didn’t notice sooner. I also have to say thank you too for all the kind words!

      Glad to hear you like the colors I’ve used…haha, wasn’t too sure if I was using color correctly or not in here and on the artwork I’ve shown here so far, but I’ll take your word for it.

      Yes, I certainly do love all animals…well, most of ’em, anyways! Not too crazy about the skittery critters, like bugs or spiders…nah, I definitely don’t like them too much. But, I do love furry creatures, dogs, cats, horses and the like.

      Of course, I’m not too fond of mice running around the house either, but they’re cute as long as they stay outside. Huh, in the past few years, I’ve realized turtles are a pretty cool creature as well, since my son has one as a pet. Snakes, though, are a different matter… I don’t think I’d want one in the house, but they can be pretty colors!

      Haha, yeah, cats can be spiteful creatures at times…we have one in the house again, along with our three dogs, and a gerbil. Never can tell whether he loves us or hates us at times. You know that look cats give, lol. But, we all love him…despite the disdainful looks he gives us now and then. Anyways, I hope that animal psychiatrist can help your cat with his problem…or is it your sofa’s problem? Yeah, don’t give up…your sofa needs you!

      Best wishes and Mahalo, as you say!
      Thanks again for the comment, you made my day much brighter!
      🙂 ~Sherry

  3. Thank so much, Sherry, for sharing your story with me.
    I am glad that you found your life purpose and I myself have been looking for my purpose for many years now. Before I started with my website, I said to myself that I will start a business as a storyteller/actress for small children and visit kinder garden, libraries and other places where children naturally meet. This is one of my dreams and my goal is to do it. Working with my website takes time, but I hope I can plan it and start with it this autumn.

    You have inspired me, Sherry. Thanks for an inspiring story.


    • Hi Tove,

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad to hear it inspired you to go for your dream of storyteller/actress for children…I bet there would be many little ones that would love it!

      Our library here has something similar, although I believe she mainly reads the story to the kids and doesn’t do any acting along with it. Adding acting to the storytelling is a very creative idea! I think kids would get much more into it that way.

      Which stories will you be telling and acting out? Or, are you planning on making your own stories to tell? Whichever one you do, I’m sure you’ll achieve that dream, just keep working at it! I’m glad to hear you’ve found your life purpose!

      Please feel free to stop by here again sometime, and thank you so much for sharing your dreams…I appreciate it!
      Best wishes ~Sherry

  4. You’ve done some beautiful work here with the paintings, drawings, and website. I myself love art, music, and nature. I may end up contacting you about a drawing I may commission for my website. I really enjoyed your artwork!

    • Hi James,
      Thank you so much for checking it out! Art, music, and nature are three of my favorite things to do for sure.

      As you probably read here, I’m a big fan of metal music and as you know, guitars, so that would be awesome to do something along those lines. I’d be more than happy to work something out with you if you decide to do so. Just let me know the details at sherry@dreamdrivenart.com or send me a PM at my WA profile.

      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting, James! I certainly appreciate the kind words and you taking the time to stop by and comment. Feel free to stop by again sometime as I’ll be adding more artwork soon.

      Best wishes ~Sherry


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