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Home of Sherry B. a self-taught Michigan artist specializing in realistic fantasy art, animal art, and nature.

Art & Inspiration

Designed with art lovers & creatives in mind Dream Driven Art is dedicated to not only be a place to find realistic artwork, but inspiration to finding your own path in life. Be the person you were meant to be...even if you believe other people might think you're weird or crazy for doing so... That's okay...there are others out there just like you...people that want to do their own thing, not follow the crowd. Don't let fear of failure or rejection hold you back from doing what you love...do it anyways and be happy.

Realistic Fantasy Art

Realist drawings & paintings ~Dragons, unicorns, fairies, & other creatures ~ It's all in your imagination!


Furry, finned, & feathered creatures ~ Horses & dogs are my specialty, but I love a challenge!

Flowers & Things

Realistic still lifes of flowers & things ~ flowers, cars, bottles, & more. Everyday things that we see around us that catch our eye.

Digital Creations

~ Creatures, flowers, designs, & more. ~ In other words, find all my digital doodlery and the programs that I used to make them.



Can't find exactly what you want? Let me know about it! OIl Paintings, Pencil Drawings & Illustrations

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~Paintings in progress~ see what I'm working on right now, along with progress notes & photos of past work.

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~ Drawings in progress ~ charcoal, pencil, ink, & mixed media. See what it starts out as along with the steps taken to accomplish a completed drawing.

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Digital Art

~ Digital Artwork & Photo Editing ~ Find digital doodlery from where it starts to a completed project... along with the tools I use to do it.

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New Book Releases - Awakening the Spark of Spirit Within You; by Dr. Carl Welliver

New Book Releases – Awakening the Spark of Spirit Within You by Dr. Carl Welliver

“AWAKENING THE SPARK OF SPIRIT WITHIN YOU, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE” by Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.   Hey there my friends, Yeah, I know this is an art site, but hey…writing books is also a form of art in my humble opinion. It takes just as much creativity […]

Great Christmas Gift for Young and Old Alike

Great Christmas Gift for Young and Old Alike – The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue; Tu-Tu Much

Looking for a Great Christmas Gift for Someone? Hey there my friends, Time sure is flying isn’t it? Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is almost here… Only 11 days and it’ll be Christmas morning and it’ll be time to watch our beloved family members and friends open the presents Santa […]

New Book Release and a Peek at a Few of the Illustrations

New Book Release – Pre-Order for Thanksgiving Day & a Peek at the Illustrations

New Book Release – Coming this Thursday, November 23rd! As you may already know, I recently became part of an awesome team to put together a new book, as the illustrator of The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue, Tu-Tu Much… Well, I’d like to share a bit more about […]

New Book Release coming soon

New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children’s Book

New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children’s Book Well Hello there! If you’ve been watching the website here, you probably have been wondering if I died or something, lol. But, nope! I’ve just been really busy doing a ton of things…learning new things and working on new ideas, and of […]

Drawings of Dragons Midnight Storm Dragon - Shamrock fx

Drawings of Dragons – Using Fresh Paint & PicsArt

Drawings of Dragons & Free Photo Drawing Tools This is another installment of what I’ve been up to lately with this dragon… I recently wrote the post on Fantasy Dragon Art – Making of the Storm Dragon after adding colors and details to an earlier sketch done in the Fresh […]

Original version of the Storm Dragon

Fantasy Dragon Art – Making of the “Storm Dragon”

Drawing & Painting Fantasy Dragon Art Hey there! Just thought I’d finally do something with one of my earlier sketches that I shared here in digital format as sort of a simple sketch showing what the app Fresh Paint can do. Well, I actually was aiming to enter it in […]

Create 3d images free

Create 3D Images Free – Wineglasses & Chocolate Hearts

Create 3D Images for Free Using Blender Interested in creating your own images in 3D? If you’re reading this, most likely you are… Whether you’re looking to create 3D images for a logo or web design, or maybe even looking for a way to create a realistic looking character design, […]


Black Cat Art – Oil Painting of the Black Cat

Black Cat Art & Oil Painting Hey again! I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything! But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy… Awhile ago, I’d joined a group of artists that love painting as much as I do called Painting the Old Way. This means no digital effects […]

Pen and ink drawings and illustrations

Pen & Ink Drawings & Illustrations – Drawing a Crow

My Latest Work in Progress- Drawing of a Crow Hey there fellow art lovers! I’ve been working on this pen and ink drawing for awhile. Well, actually it didn’t take long to draw the crow itself…since it’s in ink, I couldn’t go back and do my usual erasing and fixing […]

buffalo head part 2 update

Buffalo Head Drawings -Part 2

Hey there, fellow Art Lovers! Okay, it’s been a long time since I worked on this one…the Buffalo Head Drawing! So, I thought I’d better get to it and did some more work on this one using the Fresh Paint app to add some more details to the feathers and […]