Glowing Sunset at the Beach Art Paintings

Sunset at the Beach

Tropical Beach Landscape at Sunset Painting.

A view of ocean waves and palm trees growing atop the rocky cliffs. Waves are rolling into the sandy shore. The sun is setting in an orange, pink, and blue sky giving the beach a subtle orange and pink glow.

Digital Painting

This piece is a digital painting which is originally 4200 x 3300. However, I sized it down here for the blog post. I’ll be uploading it soon as a print which can be purchase as greeting cards, canvas wall art, metal prints, and much more.

Sunset at a Tropical Beach with palm trees growing atop rocky cliffs.

Work in Progress Artwork – Phoenix Bird Drawing

Phoenix Bird Sketch

Phoenix Bird Drawing Sketching & Drawing a Phoenix Hello friends, I know it’s been awhile again since I’ve posted here, I really need to get my artwork posted more frequently! Anyways, I’ve been busy still working on a few different projects, a couple of book projects with Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.. These couple of projects … Read more

New Book Release – Book 2 – The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue & Me: The Merri Years

Book Cover Illustration of girl in wheelchair with her friends

Well, I know it’s been awhile since I last posted anything here…

Shame on me!

But, I have been busy working on the illustrations for the second book in the series of The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue and Me by Dr. Sunday Erickson, Ph.D., and foreword by Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.

After redoing the cover for the first book in the series, since it was being republished under a bit different of a title, you can read more about that on my previous post here, Sketching and Drawing a Book Cover it was back to working on the scenes for the second book.

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Book Cover Design Art – Part 2 of Drawing & Sketching Book Cover Artwork


New Book Cover Design Art and Title Hey there folks, This is part two about the relaunch of the first book of The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue series. Yes, it’s a series, so there’ll be a second book coming out soon! Anyways, the first book has gone over some changes…both the cover artwork … Read more

Are You Holding Yourself Back as a Creator? Join the Contest to Win 2 Books!

Are You Holding Yourself Back as a Creator?

Are You an Artist? A Creator? Hey there folks, Just thought I’d share this with you…since maybe you’re here as a fellow artist…whether a painter, sketch artist, musician, writer, or other type of creator, well, maybe you’ve found times that you’re stuck. Ever had that experience? Or, wonder why it is that some succeed while … Read more