digital dragon sketch

Using the fresh paint app to create from scratch this is the first sketch or rough digital drawing below.

digital dragon first sketch

I then used the picsart app to add text (your site name) to your photo. In the featured image I also added a texture to the image using picsart textures. Here it is once I was done with it…

digital dragon with site name2 textured with picsart

Well, not quite done….I’ll be doing more to this in the future…adding shading and color at some point.

***UPDATE – March 15, 2017***

If you’d like to check out what this digital dragon sketch has become, you can check it out on my post Fantasy Dragon Art – making of the Storm Dragon.

Ghost Bat – A Digital Bat Design

ghost bat digital bat

Creation of the Ghost Bat…What did I use?

I created this “ghost” bat just for fun and to try out the Fresh Paint App, which is through Microsoft Windows as a free painting app available for Windows 8 and up. I’m now using Windows 10 with this app and it’s been working fine so far.

ghost bat

I should have taken notes, pictures, or probably recorded some screenshots when I made this….unfortunately I didn’t do any of these as I was just trying it out for the first time.

Hopefully in the future, I’ll have the foresight to at least do one of those things while using the Fresh Paint app and not get so caught up in the creating mode where nothing else matters, except the creation of the artwork itself, lol.

If you’d like to use the Fresh Paint App for yourself you can easily download it from Microsoft’s store and try it out for yourself…I think it’s quite nice to use and it’s free too!

Digital doodle purple swirl

Purple swirl design

This is basically a simple design created using the PicsArt photo studio app available for free from Microsoft.

Purple swirl design


I drew a few lines only…and used the effects and other options available to swirl it and change it’s colors. There’s a lot of cool effects on PicsArt actually and I’m really enjoying learning how to use it.

Another handy thing you can do with this app is you can add text to your image quite easily…

purple swirl example text


I’m not sure if this is available for anything but Windows 8 to Windows 10 mobile devices and PCs. But for those who may be wondering, I currently am using this on a Windows 10 desktop PC with no problems so far!

And, as an after thought I didn’t have any issues with it using Windows 8 and 8.1 either.

Interested in trying it out? You can get it at PicsArt Photo Studio in Microsoft’s store.