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    Welcome to Upper Michigan Artist, Sherry Bunker’s Gallery! (*Click on images to enlarge)                                 More to be added here soon! Thanks for stopping by, and please check back for more updates here…COMING SOON!

    Pencil drawings of werewolf

    Pencil Drawings of Werewolf

    Drawing a Werewolf One of my favorite fantasy creatures are werewolves, so I thought I’d do some pencil drawings of a werewolf…or at least make an attempt at it. I’ve never tried drawing one before and it took a couple tries to get what I was aiming for… Werewolves have […]

    realistic oil painting of dark red rose

    Realistic Artwork Gallery

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    Pencil and charcoal dragon drawing

    Charcoal Dragon Drawing

    Pencil Drawing of Dragon Hey there! I’m glad you’re here… I’m assuming you’re interested in dragons…either you enjoy looking at art with dragons in it, or you enjoy drawing them. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you love doing both looking and drawing. I absolutely love finding new artwork featuring […]