Charcoal Dragon Drawing

Pencil Drawing of Dragon

Hey there! I’m glad you’re here…

I’m assuming you’re interested in dragons…either you enjoy looking at art with dragons in it, or you enjoy drawing them.

Or, maybe you’re like me, and you love doing both looking and drawing.

I absolutely love finding new artwork featuring dragons!


About this one, which I finally decided to title as Dragon On The Move…

Starting out as a simple sketch with graphite pencil, I decided to keep going and add shading to this with charcoal. This was done earlier this year, and I thought I’d add it here as a completed drawing.

Dragons are one of my favorite creatures in the fantasy world. They come in so many shapes and colors…some have horns and some have wings while other dragons do not, which is why it is so fun to draw them…it’s all up to the artist as to what any particular dragon looks like.

There’s really no limitations on what you can add to a dragon or not…it’s all up to your imagination!


pencil & charcoal dragon with logo

I wish I had thought to take pictures of this one as I worked on it, but I got caught up in the moment. 🙂

Hopefully, the next time I work on a drawing I’ll think to take pictures as I go along.

I’ll be adding more drawings of dragons here soon…

In fact, I’m in the process of drawing some new ones now…well, it’s been a work in progress for awhile since I’ve been working on other things too at the same time.

One of these dragons is going to take awhile as it’s a big project, which I plan on doing as a painting in the future. First, I want to draw it all out and then color it with colored pencils. Sound crazily tedious and time consuming? Maybe…but,

Once it’s done it’ll be a completed colored drawing itself. Plus, this way I can use the finished drawing as a reference for the painting….

Because, you know what?

….It’s kinda hard to find a dragon to take a picture of!

Unless you know something I don’t…and know where I could find some dragons around here?  😉

This Dragon Drawing is Available for sale (without the watermark of course) as a fine art print and more…

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What Do You Think? Do you enjoy drawing dragons? Or, have you tried drawing one yet?

Let me know in the comments below…

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