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What does WIP mean here?

WIP stands for work in progress and these are the posts I’ve created to show some of the steps taken and progress of the projects I’ve been working on either now or in the past. So, if you’re interested in seeing a small part of the process of drawing and painting that is involved feel free to check it out…*

*Yes, I admit it. I need to get better at remembering to stop and take pictures of my artwork before I get too far along! But, I’ve added what pics I have taken as I’ve worked, and hopefully… I’ll get better at this crazy idea of stopping now & then to take a friggin’ picture!

Are You An Artist?

If you love to draw, paint, create digital artwork…

You may find the links below helpful…

Links For Artists

Artist tips – painting & drawing

Oil Painting Tips – The Flemish Technique

Drawing Tips – Sketching and Why You Need to Practice

Adult Coloring Books


Hey Artists,

Need Some Tips for Digital Artwork?

Maybe you’re just starting out and aren’t able to afford the fancy software. I get it…times are tough! and, maybe you’re not sure what to use or if it’s worth the bother of downloading on your computer. But, you don’t need all that fancy stuff to at least give it a try first…

Keep reading and check out the following links to learn more…

 *The following links feature a few of my drawings done using both pencil & digital apps…*

*Yes, I drew some of these first with a pencil and later added some additional features into the drawing using these free photo and drawing apps. I’ve included a couple of links to these free apps you may find helpful and fun to use. These are the same apps I used to add things such as a background, text, and many other effects to my own drawings listed here such as the buffalo head drawing.

Now, that I think of it, the image you see up at the top of this page is actually a photo that I took of an apple…or it was until I used the handy little apps to add effects…

Well, I’ll add it hereangel from the sea digital art


Some are even completely drawn using my computer and a mouse such as this dragon …no pencils or drawing tablet involved! So, if you’re an artist that wants to start using digital software, but can’t afford a drawing tablet or an expensive program to create digital artwork with maybe you’ll find these helpful…these apps are free to use and work on Windows 10 & Windows 8.1 as far as I know since I’ve used them on these operating systems to create the digital artwork listed above.

More on Digital Art


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Sometimes it may take awhile though, so please be patient. I’m usually able to respond within at least 48 hours or less, depending on whether or not I’m wrapped up in an art project at the moment…

You know how us artistic types are…

once we’re in the moment of creating something, we may not be back for awhile.

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