Great Christmas Gift for Young and Old Alike – The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue; Tu-Tu Much

Looking for a Great Christmas Gift for Someone?

Hey there my friends,

Time sure is flying isn’t it? Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is almost here…

Only 11 days and it’ll be Christmas morning and it’ll be time to watch our beloved family members and friends open the presents Santa brought for them.

Well, since we all know who that certain Santa really is, I thought I should give you an idea of what to get for your friends and family this fine Christmas…why not give them the gift of reading?

Why not give them a book that will inspire them to reach for their dreams, no matter what obstacles they may face?

The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue; Tu-Tu Much by Sunday Erickson is an excellent book to give anyone as a gift. Both young and old alike can enjoy this easy to read, inspiring, and thought provoking book.

Yeah, I know how it goes all too well…you think you have plenty of time to go out to the stores and go shopping for those Christmas gifts…maybe you only have a few more to get or maybe you haven’t even started yet, lol.

But, knowing all too well from experience, since I do it every year, it’s a lot easier to get it done and over with than waiting til last minute trying to scramble around finding Christmas gifts for everyone…seems I never learn my lesson!

The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll have much chance at finding any good deals, or much to pick from a lot of time either…plus, you’ll also have to go shopping when it’s even more crowded in the stores…people last minute shopping that often aren’t in a very good mood either!

I know I’ve ended up going on last minute shopping trips way too many times in the past! It’s never any fun either…plus, trying to find a Christmas gift in the crowded stores so late in the season is just frustrating in my book.

One thing I’d love to know is why on earth do we do this to ourselves every Christmas and end up going through all the stress of last minute shopping?

Even Merri Berri, Sunday, and Carl, my wonderful cohorts and team members at Merri Berri Publishing are thinking much along the same lines..

Why not make it a little easier and get that shopping done today, don’t you think?

New Book The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue Tu-Tu MuchHere’s a little bit of what Merri had to say a couple of days ago….


Wow, there are only 13 days until Christmas everyone…

We know that the wonderful ole St. Nick and his elves are rushing around like crazy, getting everything ready for the big trip around the world, so they can bring joy and wonder to the kids on Christmas morning.

As soon as Santa and his helpers get home, Mrs. Claus has a feast ready for everyone to enjoy!

Every year, Sparks of Spirits from all over the universe come to celebrate a year well done. Each of these wonderful guests has spent the entire year helping souls become aware of the voice of God within them.

The feast goes on for days with Sparks of SpirIts dancing and singing all in the name of that precious baby boy who grew up to save us all. I hear that this year’s gathering is extra special for Santa’s and Mrs. Claus’s goddaughter, Merri Berri Blue.

She is celebrating the release of her new book “THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF MERRI BERRI BLUE” and the creation of

Merri Berri is very dear to the Claus’s for not only is she their goddaughter, but they are also the ones who named her ‘Merri Berri.’ Merri because of her happy Spirit and Berri because berries are Santa and Mrs. Claus’s favorite decoration for their Christmas festivities.

The Spirit of Christmas  (the Claus’s) are so happy Merri Berri found Dr. Carl Weliver and Artist Sherry Bunker to help her give Lucy and Sunday’s story to the world;

A story for all ages who believe in the ability to dream and have their dream come true.

This book means so much to the team at Merri Berri Publishing!

Each member of the team has agreed to donate 50 % of the sales of the first book of the Tu-TU Much series to United Cerebral Palsy UCP

These donations will help pay for research, treatment, and therapies in the hope the dreams will come true for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy,  who struggle each day to do the simplest of tasks.

Please help us by buying ‘THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF MERRI BERRI BLUE’ at http://www.merriberribluepublis… or you can find it on Amazon at the link below:…

Make the gift extra super duper by going to https://merriberribluepublishi… to buy a variety of Merri  Berri Blue products; mugs, posters, towels, etc. all with Merri Berri’s famous quote

“You know you ‘gotta do it.  You just gotta do it!”


So, better hurry, time’s running out!

Order it at the link below

  >>The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue; Tu-Tu Much<< 

today, before it’s too late for Christmas!


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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