New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children’s Book

New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children’s Book

Well Hello there! If you’ve been watching the website here, you probably have been wondering if I died or something, lol. But, nope!

I’ve just been really busy doing a ton of things…learning new things and working on new ideas, and of course still drawing and working on that wonderful thing called art.

So, What Have I Been Doing All This Time?

Anyways, I’d like to tell a bit of what I’ve been up to for awhile now…the past couple of months I’ve been busy working on getting illustrations done for a new book coming out very soon!

It’s a lot of work getting a book together…

more than I’d ever realized!

Between creating the illustrations, meeting with my cohorts and partners in crime almost on a nightly basis at first to get the initial character’s look figured out and agreed upon by all it’s been quite a ride!

The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue TuTu Much original cover

I’m just so happy I’ve had the privilege of working with some very amazing and awesome people, Sunday Erickson, the author of the book, and Dr. Carl Welliver. He’s the guy responsible for getting us all together as a team in the first place and getting things set up to get it out to the public…

if he’d not been helping Sunday find an artist or illustrator for her book, I’d never have had the opportunity.

Anyways, this book Ms. Sunday has written is quite an interesting story.

I’d have to say I had a great time reading it already…

Yeah, I got to read it before it was even published!

I had the honor of reading it already as it helped to read each chapter first, before going ahead and trying to figure out a scene to draw for that specific chapter.

It’s quite an amazing story and easy to read in my opinion. It’s an inspiring story of a little girl named Lucy and her “Spark of Spirit” Merri Berri Blue, her little dog Tu-tu, and friends she meets along the way. The Spark of Spirit, Merri,  to explain a bit more, is what you could call a spirit guide or guardian angel, there to help guide Lucy through life.

I really enjoyed reading it as I worked on the scenes for this book, The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue, Tu-Tu Much, The Journey Begins which is actually only the first book of a series, written by Ms. Sunday Erickson.

I’ll be starting on the scenes for the second book in the series very soon…actually I’ll be starting soon as I get done writing this, lol!

Here’s a little peek at the cover below:

Want to find out more? Just click the image and you’ll be able to read more about what the book is about and where you can order it. It’s not out quite yet, but will be on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd!


New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children's Book
(Click image to find out more…)



Find out more at the link below:

>>The Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue, Tu-Tu Much, The Journey Begins<<


You also might want to check out another excellent and highly interesting book there written by Dr. Carl Welliver…Awakening the Spark of Spirit Within You…Getting to Know Your Spirit Guide. This book helps to understand more about the Spark of Spirit or Spirit Guides.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you go over and check it out!

It’s an awesome book for any age to read, from children to teens, to even us adults.

I’ll be back again soon! I hope to share what I’m doing more as I work on the next scenes for the second book in the series, which means I must be off to the drawing board now.

Please share this if you liked it, I’d truly appreciate it! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

UPDATE! COMING SOON…new book cover and title for the 1st book!

You can read more about it here on my latest post Drawing & Sketching Book Cover Artwork for the Incredible Adventures of Merri Berri Blue









4 thoughts on “New Book Releases and Illustrating a Children’s Book”

  1. Well at this point I guess what can I say? Except thank you for your kind words back, LOL Just know that everything I said in my original comment came from the heart and YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you. You I know in the beginning were questioning whether or not you had what it took to be a first rate illustrator, but now you know that YOU DO.

    The world as they say young lady is your oyster, so pluck that sucker open and grab that pearl.

    Nothing but love.


    • Awwww, thank you so much Doc! What else can I say but, I couldn’t have done it without you, giving me such a great opportunity in the first place! You, Sunday, and Merri believed in me, so I had no choice but to believe in myself too. Thank You!

      Best wishes and nothing but love to all,
      ~Sherry 🙂

  2. Sherry,

    I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you accepted my invitation to join our team.

    Sunday, Merri Berri, and I put a lot of pressure on you as we approached our deadline, And I can honestly say that you handled it like a champ. And the images that you created for the book, well what can I say, they far exceeded anything that we had seen from other potential artists. And believe me I looked at a lot of artwork in search of the perfect match for our creative team.

    I know that I can from time to time be difficult to work with and well just a tad bit demanding but it is all for the common good of the project.

    I know I speak for the whole team when I say this. “it was a pleasure working with you in this project and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for Book Two,”

    You are a truly incredible artist young lady and you have a career in this field, just don’t forget I have you under contract. LOL

    I have nothing but luv for you young lady.

    Dr. Carl

    • Hello there, Dr. Carl,
      Wow, Thank you for such kind words! I am truly honored to be a part of the team with you, Sunday, and Merri! I definitely am sooo very happy that I found your post looking for an artist. And, now, being a part of the team has been quite an experience for myself as an artist.

      I’ve learned so much from all of you, it’s amazing! Plus, I’ve also learned more about myself as well throughout the time we’ve spent planning and going over details for the artwork in the book. Lol, yes, I’d have to say that last week we had to reach our goals before the deadline was a bit of a worry knowing it’s getting so close to the release date. I’d been so worried I’d freeze up and panic, since I’ve never really done “artwork under pressure” before, lol…but, thanks to all of the encouragement and support from you guys on the team, I was able to put the worry aside and keep at it til it was done.

      I definitely can understand where you’re coming from, Dr. Carl…you just wanted what was best for the project and really for all of us! So, I really don’t think you’re too demanding at all…plus, I’ve always been a fussy artist, lol. I won’t leave it be til I’ve got it right, so I think we work very well together. You, Sunday, and Merri, were great to work with in my opinion…providing me with great ideas to try out and you also knew just when to reign me in if I got too carried away on the details.

      I’m definitely looking forward to working with all of you on the next book! It’s been such an amazing time working on the first one with you and the team…I had soooo much fun not only working on the artwork, but during our many meetings as well. I’m just so happy to be part of such an amazing team with you all and can’t wait to get started on the next book’s illustrations…nothing but luv for all of the team there!

      Best wishes,


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