Pencil Drawings – Horses

Realistic Pencil Drawings of Horse

Hey there,

Just adding in a few images of the latest work in progress. I started out drawing it in pencil, which is the image shown below:

Pencil Drawings Horses
Pencil Drawings horses sketch

Although for this sketch to show up here, I had to darken the outline a lot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see it since the sketch needs to be done very lightly so you can fix any mistakes without making a mess of the paper. When sketching it’s never a good idea to press too hard, it’s impossible to fix it if you want to change something, which I do lot…

Only after making sure it was good enough, although not perfect, did I make it darker using a softer lead pencil…still using light pressure…

and after working on it awhile, I realized I wanted it in color…

So, here it is again, but colored in with colored pencil:

Yes, again…I did it again.

I forgot to take more pics from the point it was at in the sketch seen above  to the image seen below  ….sorry! I got caught up in working on it and didn’t even think of taking pictures as I went (sigh).

horse rearing up colored pencil drawing
Realistic colored pencil drawing of bay horse rearing.

Then, afterwards I realized I forgot something….actually  a couple things! That could probably make it more realistic…

Where’s the shadow? And, wouldn’t it look better with a background?

And so here it is again:

pencil drawings horses adding background part 1
Pencil drawings horses – adding a background in colored pencil

It took many hours of working on this colored pencil drawing…layers of different colors adding over previous color layers.

And, after many more hours of work….

pencil drawings horses adding background 2
pencil drawings horses – adding background – halfway there!

Well, that’s all I’ve got to share for now…hopefully, I’ll be adding that final image of this piece soon!

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I finish it…

Update…Finally done with the drawing of this horse by adding more layers of color to the background and trees!

rearing bay colored horse in colored pencil
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2 thoughts on “Pencil Drawings – Horses”

  1. Hey Sherry,
    I enjoyed your art and seeing the different stages of development. The one of the Horse in particular. I drew a Horses head many years ago, and I have searched for it off and on for years to no avail I cannot seem to find it.

    It was the best drawing I had ever done, and I captured the Horses soul in its eyes perfectly, and you being an artist know how hard that is. I used to draw a lot when I was a younger, but I haven’t done it in years.

    But I enjoy going to art museums and galleries and looking at all of the artwork especially the ones of Nature and Wildlife. I also enjoyed the drawing you did of the Bear in the woods and the dragon as well.

    Keep up the great works of art as I will be looking in to see what you have been drawing from time to time.

    Warmest Wishes.

    • Hey Dale,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the different stages some of them went through. I’d add more of them if I had them, but once I get in that zone it’s hard to remember to stop and take a picture once in awhile as things progress, lol.

      Awww, man! What a shame that you can’t find the horse head drawing you did…I definitely know what you mean about capturing the soul in its eyes! It’s a very difficult thing to do and sometimes no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t happening. At least I’ve had that happen sometimes…I think I tried too hard to get it perfect and after redoing it so many times, the paper was too smudged up to do anything more. I hope you find that drawing someday, I’d love to see it!

      I love looking at art myself, and find it inspiring to keep on working on my own artwork. I really enjoy creating ones of animals the most, whether it’s drawings or paintings. I wish I still had the paintings I did before of horses and also one of deer in a field. Well, a photo of these would do actually, so I could add them here. But, at that time, I never thought of taking a photo before parting with them.

      I had quit doing art of any kind for many years as well…just had no time for it! But, it was something I always wished I had time to do. I hadn’t done much of anything up until about a year ago. So, if it’s something you enjoy doing, give it a try again sometime. I find it relaxing myself…plus, you might be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish!

      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting, Dale! I’m delighted to hear you’ll be checking back here again in the future and thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words!
      Best wishes ~Sherry


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