Pen & Ink Drawings & Illustrations – Drawing a Crow

My Latest Work in Progress- Drawing of a Crow

Hey there fellow art lovers!

I’ve been working on this pen and ink drawing for awhile. Well, actually it didn’t take long to draw the crow itself…since it’s in ink, I couldn’t go back and do my usual erasing and fixing things! So, it only took an hour or so to draw it.

I wanted to see what I could do without erasing anything, lol. I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and get rid of any possibility of using that eraser!


Here’s the actual drawing after I completed it….it’s all done in ink, no pencil at all.
Drawing in ink, I found out, can be fun!

Drawing with Pen & Ink


Pen and ink drawings and illustrations
Drawing of a crow

Once I got it done on paper, I realized that maybe I should add to it yet….

Well, of course, I needed to add to it! So, now I’ve been adding a background using digital…the Fresh Paint app. I figured I’d see what I could do using digital since the original drawing wasn’t wide enough.

I should’ve drawn it on a bigger paper! But, at the time I was just using my artist sketchbook.

Plus, I wanted to practice using Fresh Paint again. So, here it is again, but with a basic gray background added…

Adding a Background


Ink drawing of a crow with gray background
Basic gray background added digitally


Adding the Moon into the Background

Well, that wasn’t enough tweaking yet. So, I added a bit more…besides, what kind of crow is just sitting there in front of a plain old gray background?

I thought I’d add something to it to make it stand out even more…and hopefully add to its creepy mood….

The crow drawing with moon background
Still a work in progress!

And, nope. I’m not quite done yet. I’ll be adding more details to the moon in the background soon. That is by no way done! This is just the basic shape added there so far…still needs some work on the details…looks too yellow yet in my opinion.

Plus, I may have some more ideas to try adding in there yet. Like I mentioned, this is still a work in progress, so it may be a bit of experimenting on what will make it look the way I want…

I’ll be adding more about this work soon!

Thank you so much for checking it out and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them. Just leave them in the comment box below or if you’d rather….hit the contact button in the lower right and I’ll get back to you with a reply as best I can!

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Best wishes ~Sherry

Oh, and if you’d like to try out the Fresh Paint app it’s free to use and available in Microsoft’s store for Windows computers version 8 to 10. At least as far as I know it’s still free for the basic app, but there are paid options available too if you really want them. However, I haven’t tried any of those yet.

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